Nano car paint and repair is a waterproof liquid



With hardness of super hydrophobic glass coating
The surface coating can be used as a layer of screen
Protect your car from aging, weathering, corrosion, sunlight, sour powder, etc.
Protect your car from scratching and make the car shine like new
Material: Polysiloxane and other nano materials etc.
Durability: 3 years
Coating thickness: about 30um
Gloss: glossy as a mirror with excellent glossiness
Corrosion resistance: withstand pH: PH2-12
Heat resistance: up to 760 degrees
Consumption: 120ml
Bottle Size: As shown in the picture
how to use:
Roll the cloth over the coated sponge
Make the coat liquid on the fabric
Spread the liquid on the headlights of the car
Use a towel to wipe and polish the sponge on the coated cloth
Packing included:
1 x Car Liquid Coat
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