A4 to A4 thermoforming machine with plaster for packing plastic films

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Product Description

  • Lightweight and portable: Due to its compact size and ultra-light weight, the latest laminator provides ultra-convenient portability. It is suitable for every desktop and helps save frequently processed documents and precious photos.
  • It only takes 3-5 minutes to preheat the laminating machine, thus saving the laminating time. Your files provide long-term protection and are ideal for photos, notices, temporary signs, menus, etc.
  • Fast and effective: The double-roller design ensures smoother, faster and longer service life without the bubbles, wrinkles or curled edges of other laminators.
  • You can use the release switch on the back to manually remove easily stuck bags or paper from the laminator.
  • The perfect guardian for any occasion: The laminator has a compact size and ultra-light weight, giving you super convenient portability and helping to save important documents and precious photos.