Knee Brace for Infrared Arthritis

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the description

AGDOAD Knee Support Brace for Infrared Arthritis
Heat therapy for knee pain relief and knee rehabilitation
Quick-Heating Electric Knee Pad: Heats in seconds, provides a hot treatment
Very comfortable for knee osteoarthritis pain relief and injury recovery,
It keeps the knee warm, and it can also be used on calf and thighs
And arms to relieve muscle pain and cramps. Comfortable to use!
Knee Heating Pad Function:
Relief of knee pain associated with arthritis and bursitis
, Stress, sprain, and meniscus tear ACL PCL MCL
Help with a knee injury or recover from surgery
Leg or arm muscle pain, cramps relief
Knee warmers
Other cases that need hot compress
Cold treatment: (ice pack not included)
The heating pad contains built-in mesh bag (13.5 * 18cm), if needed,
Place an ice pack in it, which can be used for a cold compress.
Temperature setting temperature parameters for reference:
1. When using a USB cable to connect the USB port to a computer
Desktop for a source, the output is around 5V / DC:
Top (red): temperature 111.2 / 44 ℃, hot, for long time use.
Medium (white): temperature 105.8 / 41 ℃, warm, for long time use.
Lowest (blue): 100.4 / 38, lukewarm, no need to use this setting.
Note: If you connect it to a power bank with output current above 500mA, the temperature can be
higher than the above measurements,
and you can get more heat.
2. When using the AC adapter, the static
output is 8.5V / DC:
Highest (red): temperature 149 ℉ / 65, dinner
is hot and hot in seconds
After 10 minutes you may need to change to a lower
heat setting.
Medium (white): 131/55 ℃, very hot, after 30 minutes
You may need to change to the lowest setting.
Lowest (blue): the temperature is 113 ℉ / 45, warm,
For long time use and temperature temporary storage.