Ultrasound skin cleaning device

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 Ultrasound skin cleaning voltage: DC 5V
Battery Capacity:
500mAh Rated Power: 1.5W Product Material:
ABS product size: 43x15x172mm NET WEIGHT:
76g, continuous use time: 50 minutes
Charging time: 2 h
Ultrasound technology for deep cleaning
Ultrasonic vibration 24,000Hz per second: water
By ultrasonic vibration, it decomposes the pores
The dirt is vibrated into "small particles".
It hurts the skin without it
Ion + export
Gently exfoliates, scrubbing pores in depth,
It makes the skin clean and sexy
EMS Micro Current Massage
Through EMS micro-current,
Collagen stimulation
Produce and make the skin smoother
Why use this product?
Staying up late, make up etc. cause a lot
Skin problems, such as blackheads and acne,
These problems can be solved by this device
4 modes, multi-functional skin cleaning
Ion + Ion Export - Ultrasonic import
Current micro-EMS technology