Automatic Hair Curler Automatic USB Ceramic Curling Iron

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product specification

1. After receiving the item, please charge it for more than 3.5 hours to ensure that the item is fully charged; When charging, screen battery mode will be on.
2. After fully charging, please press and hold the small button on the right to turn on the phone. You need to press and hold until the screen lights up, about 3-15 seconds
3. If you need to set different functions, such as temperature, time, left, right and so on, please press the small button on the right first, you will see the function flashing, press the left button to adjust, press the right button again to confirm and adjust to next You need to adjust the position. For example, if you need to set the temperature, you need to keep pressing the small button on the right until you see the temperature position displayed on the screen flashing, you can press the button on the left to set the appropriate temperature, press the right button Once again to confirm, and so on
4. After setting the appropriate temperature and time, you can put your hair in the curling iron, then press the big button on the product, and you can leave it after hearing the instant sound twice, then wait for the time that you set for drawing from your hair

Battery capacity: 5000 mAh
Battery voltage: 3.7V
Battery Hours: 9.25 Watts
Lithium content: 0.75g
Material: plastic
Weight: 0.42 kg
Maximum temperature: 200 ° C (400 ° F)
Minimum temperature: 140 ° C (280 ° F)
Battery type: Rechargeable Li-ion battery
The product charging time is about 3.5 hours, the battery life for continuous use is about 40 minutes, and the battery life for intermittent use is about one hour.
New Get beautiful curls or waves anytime, anywhere with Conair Cordless Unlimited Automatic Curler, the creators of the automatic Curl Secret
Easy to use, no skill required ~ An alternative to a traditional curling iron or curling wand. Perfect waves or waves every time for Beauty In Motion
Up to 60 minutes of cordless runtime, operating time varies based on the heat and timer settings chosen as well as the hair type; Rechargeable automatic curler ~ fully charge it overnight before using it for the first time. Charging time varies depending on the adapter and power source
Omnidirectional wrap action (left, right, or mixed) with anti-tangle protection
400 ° F highest temperature for professional curling results
3 heating / 4 time settings allow you to create tight-to-loose ripples and ripples anytime anywhere with the auto shut off feature; Auto Shut Off Feature ~ The unit will automatically shutdown after 15 minutes, if left idle and idle, to preserve battery life
The digital LCD displays all the settings: temperature, timer, battery level, and pigtail direction
Ceramic curling chamber reduces frizz and adds shine
Small size (2 "x 7.5" x 2 ") ~ perfect for designing on the go! Fits easily in your handbag or gym bag for Beauty In Motion
Includes: USB charging cable * 1 hair curler * 1 manual * 1