Whale Electric Induction Sprinkler Music Colorful Light Water Toy


1. Cute whale shape: The whale is very cute, more loved by the baby, imitating the whale spraying water.

2. Mouthpiece:The mouthpiece is very delicate and can spray a lot of water column

3. Automatic induction water spray: placed on the water, it can automatically absorb water without switch, leave the water, and automatically cut off the power

4. Colorful lights:a variety of color circulation lights to attract the baby's attention and allow the baby to take a quiet bath

5. Battery use:3 AA batteries, long battery life, equipped with sealing ring to prevent leakage

6. Exquisite gifts:when children play in the bathtub or swimming pool, the best gifts

7. Waterproof and anti-leakage:The battery compartment thickened and sealed rubber ring design, multiple guarantees, effectively prevent water and leakage.

8. Rounded corners:exquisite workmanship, smooth surface without burrs, baby rest assured to play.


1. Product name:automatic induction water spray ball

2. Material:environmentally friendly plastic + electronic components

3. Size(approximately): 11 * 10 * 9cm

4. Color:white, gray

5. Battery required:3 AA batteries (not included)

6. Common function:placed on the water surface, spray water automatically, accompanied by beautiful flashing lights

7. Base model function:water spray + universal base 2 in 1 base, with universal wheel function, accompanied by music and lights


1. Cute whale shape.

2. Mouthpiece:can spray a lot of water column.

3. Automatic induction water spray.

4. Colorful lights.

5. Battery use.

6. Waterproof and anti-leakage.

7.Rounded corners

8.Base model function: water spray + universal base 2 in 1 base, with universal wheel function, accompanied by music and lights

Package Included:

Choice 1:

1 x Sprinkler Toy

Choice 2:

1 x Sprinkler Toy With Base

White Whale No Base
Gray Whale No Base
White Whale With Blue Base
Gray Whale With Yellow Base