Portable 2 in 1 Optic Lens 4k HD Professional Super Wide Angle + 15X Macro Lens for iPhone Android Smartphone Lens


Portable and detachable, you can take photo with your devices at any time anywhere.

Work on most type of mobile phones that are not bigger than 13mm diameter.

High Clarity: Made of high-class glass.

Strong: Made of top-grade Aluminum.

Applicable Single camera Electronic digital devices.

Full screen, nearly no dark circle.



4K HD Super Wide Angle Lens 

Lens Coatings: Multi-layer broadband ar

Lens Construction: 5 elements in 5 groups

Size: approx. 32*32*13mm 

Magnification: 120 Degree / 0.6X Super wide

Marco Lens size: approx. 28*28*5mm

Marco Lens Magnification:  15X

Clip size: approx. 61*24*24mm

Resolution(axis): 300 LP/MM

Resolution(corner): 250 LP/MM

TV Distortion<0.25%

Net weight: approx. 62g

Package size: approx. 80*80*30mm 

Color: Black, Gold, Rose Gold


The wide angle lens and the macro lens are screwed together, you need to unscrew it when you use the macro lens

The Macro lens is used for taking extreme close-up pictures of very small object, great for taking shots of small items to view every last detail up close.

When you use the 15x macro lens, you need to get it super close to the item you want to shoot(about 10-50mm)





rose gold