SMATRUL Waterproof Cover For Wireless Doorbell Smart Door Bell Ring Chime Button Transmitter Launchers Heavy Rain Snow CACAZI

Why does the button need a waterproof cover?

Ip44 meaning: only protects the splash of water droplets Many IP55 button designs : waterproof due to waterproof strips, but when the waterproof strips age, the products will no longer be waterproof. Button protection, to avoid strong winds, sand and other damage to the buttons

Waterproof cover is especially suitable for winter

Minimize the impact of snow, condensation, and fog on the buttons

Suitable for many bad weather

Why your buttons are very easy to damage???

Better Waterproof For The Button

From the top, left and right, front and back. 5-Sided Protection

Transparent Material

Clearly see the button indicator,Remind whether the product works and replace the battery in time

Local Bulge, Humanized Design

Easily press the button without rubbing your fingers

How to install the house number label

1. Use a small screwdriver to gently open the label cover (the design is tight because the house number is not changed frequently. The label cover is not easy to fall) 2. Cut the house number label and write the house number 3. Place the house number in the waterproof cover slot 4. Cover the label cover

House Number Label

Remind the courier, will not find the wrong room number,So that it won’t bother neighbors to rest

Environmentally friendly materials

The first raw material, environmentally friendly, no smell

Tough Material,Anti-fall

Prevent strangers from damaging the buttons

Suitable For A Cariety Of Buttons and Many brands

Note: The product does not include the doorbell button

Product Parameters

Product Weight: 42g Maximum Size: 111*63.5*52 mm Key internal dimensions of the product: 37mm and 61mm

How to install the button

1. The button first installs double-sided tape 2. Use double-sided tape to fix the button inside the waterproof cover. 3. The waterproof cover is mounted to the wall using double-sided tape or screws.

Real Shooting

Environmentally friendly materials can feel

Product List

1.Transparent waterproof cover FSG001 *1 2. double-sided tape*1

Suitable For A Cariety Of Buttons and Many brands

Note: The product does not include the doorbell button

Product parameters

Two kinds of fixation

Screw + double-sided adhesive

Product List

1.Transparent waterproof cover NEW *1 2. double-sided tape*1

About the waterproofness of the waterproof cover

Our waterproof cover is not completely enclosed. The waterproof cover just minimizes heavy rain, and only a small amount of raindrops do not affect the button. Because the doorbell button is waterproofed to IP44 OR IP55

Waterproof cover new
Waterproof FSG001