Sonic Electric Toothbrush USB Rechargeable 5 Modes Ultrasonic Automatic Brush Timer Waterproof Dental Brush Teeth Whitening





Vibrating Sonic Electric Toothbrush Rechargeable Adult Oral Hygiene Ultrasonic Tooth Brush With Teeth Brush Heads


Brand :

Colour :Black/White/Pink/Green

Age Group: Adults

Size: 120*220*40mm

Material :ABS

Waterproof : IPX7

Brush material: 0.15mm DuPont

Power mode: inductive charging

Modes : 5 modes 



1.Comfortable grip, more portable and more convenient to carry.

2.5 transition modes: 5 transition modes, easy to adapt for the first time, tailor-made brushing experience for you.

3. Inductive charging: Super battery life, continuous use for 45 days, the first recommended charging time of 20 hours.

4. 0.15mm DuPont bristles: High quality DuPont bristles, soft and comfortable, do not hurt gums.

5. IPX7 waterproof: Seamless body, better waterproof effect.Can withstand water flow cleaning,However, for the longer service life and safety of this electric toothbrush, it is recommended not to brew in water for a long time.


High frequency acoustic wave vibration

The high frequency acoustic wave vibration 31000 times/men, can obviously remove tooth stain very well (tea, cigarette),achieve whitening effect!


Working time

Full electric battery can work continuously for 3 months (brush twice a day, every time 2 minutes)

Toothbrush cleaning

The whole machine is waterproof design.After brushing your teeth,flush with water to wash head.

Ultra-low mute

The sound is very quiet,not noise.

Acoustic technology

Can clean area that manual toothbrush is hard to reach, cleaning effect is six times more than manual toothbrush.







Black 4 heads
White 4 heads
Green 4 heads
Pink 4 heads
Black 6 heads
White 6 heads
Green 6 heads
6 heads
6 Black heads
6 White heads
6 Green heads
6 Pink heads