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High Quality LED Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp 
Warranty for 2 years!!!
As long as the product isn't man-made damaged, send it back. We will check and verify if it's natural damaged. Our product have two-year warranty.
Effectively reduce mosquitoes, gnats, flies, pests, moths, and other insects.
Family essential ! As a gift for your family !
Tips: The Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp supports multiple modes of power supply, the USB interface is easy to use.
* Make use of a high frequency blue light and photocatalyst to trap insects,  just plug the insect killer into the power socket, so that nearby flying or crawling insects are attracted by light. When the mosquito is near the mosquito killer lamp, it will be sucked into the mosquito net box by the efficient cyclone. Can't escape.
* 365NM wavelength light attracts mosquitoes and 360-degree surround glow, giving the mosquito a fatal temptation.(Harmless to human body)
* USB Port, the power supply can be connected by USB in many ways, such as laptop, power bank, socket, so it is very convenient when using.
* High efficiency, low energy consumption.
Safe to health, no chemicals, no smoke, no odors, no insecticides, non-toxic, harmless to human and pets.
* Made of high quality internal materials, can be continously operated during the day or night.
* Suitable for indoor, outdoor, home, bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, ect.
* Please close all windows and doors and other light sources before using.
Please do not use the lamp above food or drinks or at where easy to occur explosion.
* Do not open the mosquito trap often until the mosquitoes are dried to death.
* Please keep the Mosquito Killer Lamp away from children, donrsquot let children touch it.
* Due to different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures.
* Product Name: Electric LED Mosquito Killer Lamp
Color: White, Black
* Applicable Area: 50-100 square meters
Power: 8W
* Base Type: USB Interface
* Input Voltage: 5V
* Warranty: 2 years
* Please place the mosquito killer lamp at a height of 0.8-1.2 meters from the ground.
* When in use, keep the mosquito killer as far away from the human body as possible because of the attractiveness of human temperature and odor than the machine. In an unmanned environment, the effect of using mosquito killer is more obvious.
* This product lures mosquitoes by light source, so when you work, please turn off other light sources in the room. The darker the light, the better the effect. Make sure that only the mosquito killer lights in the room.
* Turn on the mosquito killer 2-3 hours before going to bed. Place it in the corner for better results.
* Please turn off the lights, windows and doors during use to better attract mosquitoes in a sealed environment.
* Open the mosquito net box after 7 days, because the mosquitoes are killed by air-drying and dehydration because of pure physical mosquito killing method. If the box is opened often, other mosquitoes will easily fly away.
Package contents:
1X LED Mosquito Killer Lamp
1X USB Cable




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